Review: Lancôme Grandiose Mascara

Well as part of the Influenster program I got what is called a VoxBox which contained this time round had Lancôme Grandiose Mascara in it which according to the manufacture is a Wide-Angle Fan Effect Mascara meaning its meant to Lengthen the look of your lashes, add curl and also volume.

The Lancôme Grandiose Mascara comes in a small neat little box, something that is eye catching and the bottle that it is in has a interesting design to it, its not your standard round mascara bottle that you’ll louse in your purse or else where, its got a funky vase style design that makes handling it to me actually easer then the traditional ones out on the general market.

The Brush is interesting, its not your traditional straight line that has been common for many years in other mascara’s nor is it the single curve that other brands use, its almost a curly cue deal that I assume is suppose to help you make your lashes stand out better. Though in truth, I found it hard to apply with the brush when I assumed that the style would make it easer to do so (that wasn’t the case for myself which was disappointing to say the least).

I found the product interesting to use, I can’t say that I would honestly buy it if I found it out on the market in general but mostly because I’m not into Mascara in general and I found that it took a while for it to set and in the process while blinking it ended up on my skin of my eye lid, which I found annoying (it’s a common issue I’ve found with Mascara). But I would actually buy it for someone (as a gift) who I knew would wear it daily or the like, since in many regards its a decent product over all, just maybe not for the casual user.

I’d give it 3 out of 5 because its useful for what it is, the packaging is interesting and the bottle design I actually like looking at (the bottle design to me alone makes its an interesting item to have out on ones dressing table just to add interest to your dressing table in general). But to me it falls short in application and setting time, plus to me its not easy to apply as I think it should be. Price wise, 35.00 CAD is not a bad price for what you are getting.



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