Woman of Grace and Splendour

You have been patient and persevered.

Sometimes you suffered, deep painful wounds,
At other times your spirit flew as high as the sky.

Pave the way for those who will follow,
The mothers, the daughters, the friends.

Listen carefully to the call of the soul,
For the song of the soul is sweet and enchanting,
It lures like a seductive mistress,
It calls to those who would hear.

Oh woman of grace and splendour,
Be ready, prepare, for your time has come.

Step forward with courage and compassion,
Know there is nothing to fear.

For before you lies a universe
ready to unfold at your feet,
Terrains wait to be explored,
And horizons that long to be touched.

Reach out, expand, let your fingers touch the stars,
Release the veils of illusion.

Wise woman, listen to your heart,
Every beat brings you closer to who you really are,
Your heart is filled with untold passion and longing,
It longs to speak your truth and set you free.

You are the candle in the dark,
The light that burns forever.

Dare to fulfill your destiny,
To embrace your dreams and fantasies,
To live every moment abundantly and joyfully,
Within the knowledge of everything
you are and could ever be.

All writings belong to their original author and I take no credit for this writing, this writing is shared in good faith so that all may benefit from it



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