Death comes slowly
To those who resist
Peace in the end
To the ones who persist

In winters slumber
Chaos at the helm
Her cold pale hand
Touches our realm

We mourn our losses
And say goodbye
Time for new life
The spark in ones eye

Violent ends
To the antiquated will come
Warrior weapons we clutch
Until all deeds are done

Riding the storm
Our journey begins
But not before
The reaper grins

Pestilence, war
Famine and death
Hoofs pounding and drumming
With every breath

The dark ladys’ solider
Hunts us down
To help bury the dead
In sacred ground

When the remains of what were
Have all been scattered
When we no longer feel
Bloody and battered

We are free for a moment
In winters long embrace
To nurture our souls
After what we have faced

New discovery
Is now on our course
Live it well
These gifts from the source

This material has been provided for educational purposes for your own personal use, I am NOT the Author of this material and is it posted in good faith of sharing information with other’s who walk the various paths.



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