Its Over Totally!!!

I don’t know anymore, I talked to my ex the other night and I’ve now learned that he’s fallen in love with another girl (not 100% unexpected, but so soon is just a little much to hear), and will be moving to where she is (which apparently is somewhere in BC Canada), its not even been a month just a little over 2 weeks and he’s already fallen for another girl (thinks she’s his soul mate – just as he though I was his soul mate – anyone for co-dependance issue that I so didn’t puck up on while I was with him?).

It makes me wonder, how much he really did care about me. All that talk that he said he loved me, cared for me, etc. It all now feels like a pack of lies, if it was the truth how could he really fall in love with another so fast. K I know its possible, its called rebound, and from what I know of him he’d been running on rebound since his ex-wife left him something like 5 years ago.

I can’t even bear the idea of looking for another person yet, the idea just doesn’t appeal to me, yes I know he told me that he has to have someone in his life, but still to me that is no excuse, the sad truth is I am hurt that he’s moving on as he is. It pisses me off that he’s found someone else so fast, it also pisses me off that he might well be repeating the same stuff with his new love of his life.

Well everyone makes mistakes, which is only human it still hurts nun the less. I can beat myself up all I like about what happened between us, and what he’d dun since I left him. I know that I gave no warning to the fact that I was leaving, and I know full well that I lied to him on a few occasions in regards to things that where happening in my life (mostly because in the cases involved his own reactions where already negative, and I knew full well he’d really get miffed if he’d been told the full truth and him getting angry with me I just didn’t need to deal with).

Oh well, as I have said before I am trying to get myself back together and move on with my own life.

Take care everyone



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