The Four Treasures Prayer

“The Four Treasures Prayer”

Danu, Great Mother of the Emerald Isle,

Your children are scattered around the globe

Now, far from our ancestral home.

Still we hear your call on the wind,

Never to forget our origins or the homeland

Our souls so long to see again.

We ask for your continued protection,

Even more so while we roam so far away.

May the gifts you sent forth with the tribes

Give us strength once more: we call on

The power fo the treasures of the

Tuatha De Danann!

May we never hunger, fed from the

Bottomless cauldron of the Dagda.

May we emerge from our battles

Victorious, armed with the flaming

Spear of Lugh.

May the Sword of Light reveal our path,

Dazzling those who wish us harm.

May the Stone of Destiny roar once more,

Heralding the rightful king of the land.

But most of all, may we be reunited

With you, Danu, and our ancestral land.



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