good news from the doctor

Well I had my next OB/GYN appointment and well I got the test results back and well they where good. My hormonal levels are back to what is considered to be normal for a female of my age group, and this is all thanks to the Depo that i’ve been on since July, the only glitch, is my uterus lining has not thinned out as it should have, thus I have to get an increase in the Depo shot over the next two months to get that lining thinned out.

My natural iron stores are healthy and not very depleted as was thought because of the non-stop bleeding that been going on, so at least I don’t have to worry about going on iron supplements which is good news, since I really didn’t wish to add another supplement to my current battery of supplements that I take, but would of course if I had to do so.

Well take care everyone, post as time passes again.



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