Herbal Charms

Herbal Charms are simple to make, and have many uses. They can be hung or placed anywhere inside your home, wherever you feel they would benefit you the most. They can also be worn, whether during ritual, or in a time when you feel you need their specific energies/influence. They can also be placed outdoors, hung from eves, nestled in the garden, or hung from trees. Charms are used for many purposes, and can be powerful talismans. Charms can be made from any type material, and can be plain or embroidered with symbols, symbols can also be drawn or painted on. Cord can be threaded into cloth in a drawstring fashion, or simply tied.

What you will need:
(Refer to individual charm ‘recipe’s’ for specifics such as colors, herbs, etc)
Cloth – cut in circular shape, approximately 6 inches in diameter (or desired size)
Cord or Yarn – 3 strands, cut in 3 ft lengths ( or desired lengths to be braided) or use a single cord if preferred.
Paper – I use any type, but you may prefer hemp or something you consider special for writing
Pen – One that is dedicated to magickal writing (anything special to you-even a Bic will do, so long as it is dedicated, meaning you use it specifically for the purpose of ritual or spellwork)
Cauldron –or any fireproof container (dedicated for use in spellwork)
2 candles
Salt bowl– any type
Water bowl –spring water, well water, river/lake
Mortar & Pestle
Herbs, gemstones, and coins, feathers, etc, according to specific charm

Identify purpose of charm.
Gather all materials. This includes all herbs, gemstones, & necessary tools. Gemstones should be cleared of all prior energies.

You can do this in many ways, but here are the most practical for me.

Gently wash stone with cool water, place outside atop another stone or on the earth for 1-3 days. The stone absorbs moonlight and sunlight, and is naturally refreshed. This is my preferred method.

Rinse stone with cool water. Dry well. Place in a bowl of salt, completely cover the stone. Let rest for 24 hours, Uncover and rinse well.

Bury stone in the earth. Let sit for 1-7 days. (Don’t forget where you buried the stone/s!) The longer the stone remains in the earth, the more earth energy it absorbs.

Place stone in small bag, tie off. Place bag in a body of water, such as a Lake or Stream, for 24 hours. This is a nice concept, but it freaks me out to think that my stones are so far from home, and could wash downstream.

Gemstones do not need any further treatment. Once they are cleared they should be placed in a dark place (such as a box to contain energies) until ready for use.

Candles (unless homemade for specific purpose) should be dressed, and dedicated for the purpose. Focus on the intent of the charm, massage candles with Essential Oil of choice. I massage from middle to bottom first, then from middle to top. You may also wish to carve special symbols into your candles, but it is solely up to you. If you prep candles in advance, wrap them in a white or light colored cloth and store in a dark place away from direct sunlight until ready for use. The light color (white) deflects energy, so your candles will maintain their purpose. Or, you may store candles in an airtight container, like Rubbermaid, and keep in a cupboard or somewhere out of sunlight. (Just a sidenote – I wouldn’t use the rubbermaid for food after you have used it for candle storage, it absorbs the scent of the EO. Also, do not store other candles with your dedicated ones!)

I use magickal writing in much spellwork. If you choose to use writing, you will want to prepare your writing in advance. Think about your purpose, and write it out on scratch paper until you’ve decided that it is right to you. When it feels right, you will know it. It will roll off your tongue, and have a certain “feel”.

Memorize your writing, if possible, but keep the written copy with you during ritual just in case! You will be chanting it as you prepare your charm. I often use a magickal alphabet such as Theban, to rewrite the chant during ritual, just prior to assembly of my charm. (Theban and other magickal alphabets can be found in Silver Ravenwolfe’s books, To Ride a Silver Broomstick, and To Stir a Magick Cauldron.)

I will not be using my personal chants for the following charms. I feel it is important that each individual write or speak their own heart, it lends more personal power to the spell.

Make sure all items are placed on the alter, alter cloth, or in the ritual space before you begin. It is no fun to find that you are missing a key element once you are knee deep and shoulder high in ritual! Do not forget your notes, or BOS! Man, I hate it when that happens!

Spend a moment in relaxation and quiet meditation. Meditation will vary depending on intent. Ground and Center. Raise power, define circle. Follow your normal methods for opening ritual. Once you have drawn circle, and are in the appropriate mind state, you can begin to assemble your Charm.

Visualize your goal with as much emotion and intensity as you can!

Feel your goal with the desired emotion, see your goal materialize.

This is a key part of all magick. Try to hold the visualization strong in your mind throughout the entire process.

Begin chanting your purpose (you don’t have to chant if you don’t want to – but it helps to read your goal aloud at least once, to reaffirm)

Translate your chant into writing while visually projecting it on to the paper. (or copy it from your draft) You may use English, or any other language/alphabet you are comfy with, and holds power for you.

Place cloth for charm atop paper containing your writing.

Charge stones by holding in your hand for a minute or so while visualizing your goal.

Charge herbs by grinding together with mortar and pestle, OR in the same manner as the stones were charged. (Some herbs will NOT be ground)

Add all ingredients to center of cloth, while projecting your goal.

(Don’t overfill cloth, you want to have enough room to tie)

Carefully slip magickal writing from underneath charm cloth, ignite with candle flame, let burn to ash inside cauldron or fireproof container.

Place ash from writing atop all other (already assembled) ingredients

Braid your cord (if appropriate)

Tie off bag with one knot

Pass Charm through salt (earth), candle flame (fire), incense smoke(air) and sprinkle with water (uh….water? ?)

Hold the charm in your hand, or drape around your neck. Charge it with as much energy as possible.

Tie additional knot(s) in cord, bind spell.

Relax, ground energy and open the circle in your usual manner. Cakes and Ale, anyone?



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