Long day…

Well I was working on stuff for work today, when I cam across the following URL (got to it via a health Canada link) http://cholesterolmatters.msn.com/article.aspx?aid=26 the article was entitled “From ‘Junk Food’ to ‘Health Food’?”, the article deals with how a new version of New-fangled tortilla chips can apparently cut cholesterol as much as 10%. The article did spark my attention mostly because well I like chips as I know many others do, and like many North Americans my LAL is not great (its not as bad as it could be, but its not as good as it could be either).

Though like the article does say “While nutrition experts applaud the idea of a healthy snack food in principle, they fear that hearing health claims for chips will make it even tougher for people to eat just one – or a handful.” It does sound right, if you think its healthy you are more then likely to go after them a hell of a lot more then would be healthy for you, as in everything in moderation, regardless of how good and or bad it is for you. If I see them on the shelf I might pick up a bag to see what they are talking about, I already know the new Baked Lays I like to a degree, but they just are not the same taste as the original version (even is the new version is apparently more healthy they just do not have the same taste in my personal opinion).

Looks at the computer screen mindlessly, wow what a day thus far. It feels like I’ve been here for over 8 hours, yet it’s only been a little over half of that, but ack I’ve gotten so much finished in that short period of time. More then I have in a while it does feel, and much of it new stuff that I’ve not worked on before. I new flash was powerful, but still ack older versions are still powerful it does appear, though granted the newer versions work easer with much less work around needed, but still I find it amazing what flash can do when someone who knows it rather well can program it using Action Script. I have a hell of a lot to learn if I wish to be that good wish flash, which means well I’ll stick to the graphic side of things for flash and basic stuff like that, programming is not my major deal (I can to a degree, but its not my area of expertise).

Tonight my partner and I will be watching a new season of Doctor Who, which is one of his fav shows in general, at least the original’s he really liked, and he feels at the moment that he’ll like the new version of it. Personally well I’m reserving judgment on that matter, as I’ve never gotten into watching the original version so with luck the new version will catch my attention, if not no hard dun.

An article which catch my attention in the Metro was an article on going to the dentist (something like many, I do not like to do), the article was entitled “Dentists work to drill our anxiety”, the article is apparently from HealthyOntario.com (I’ve not had a change to look the site up, but it does sound interesting, to various degrees).

At any rate, the article talks about how people feel anxious when they go to the dentist, and I’ll second that big time. I’m not a major fan of going to the dentist, regardless of how much or little I might be a maso, some pain is not on my playing cards no matter what.

I know that the article talks about how some dentists have tried to make their practices more inviting to the patchiest, and more calming (not all have but the few that I have seen in my life appear to have made that effort. One I know of his entire office changes with the season. His wife comes in and with the help of his staff they redecorate the office top to bottom, depending on the season and time of year. Halloween finds you look at pumpkins etc around the office, Yule with white puffy stuff that is to be snow, and other Christmas type items, and each season is like that which is really cool at least to me it is.) which is a good idea. But well even with that added comfort and distractions such as the use of a TV or music, some things such as getting a tooth drilled nun of those things can make you feel better about having that happen, or the pain that comes from having that happen (then again some pains are not as bad as others).

Well that’s it for the time being, more to be posted as time does pass, take care everyone.



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