Creating The Yule Alter

Candles are crucial to this festival, since it is a celebration of light. Use red, green and white candles. Draping evergreens of all kinds can be used and you’ll love the fragrances. Holly with its beautiful red berries is also a wonderful addition to your decoration.

Use a Sun symbol as a reminder of the Sun’s return. The Druids revered the white berries of the Mistletoe as the semen of the God, and this can also be placed on your altar, or hung in doorways for the traditional kissing beneath it. (chances are our ancestors did a bit more than kiss under this symbol of fertility)

**remember that the berries of the mistletoe are highly poisonous, so be sure to keep them away from children and animals**

Acorns, nuts, apples, cinnamon sticks and pomegranates are also appropriate for decorating your Yule altar.



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