Postings to Instagram

Well since getting my new phone I’ve been doing a number of images that I’ve posted directly to Instagram (some are old but most are new and taken 10% to post to the service). I’m actually enjoying taking the images and posting as I am, but at the same time its still new to me that I’m not sure I like it 100% – but its interesting nun the less to see what other’s are posting and to see who likes what I’ve posted or goes by without notice what so ever.

I’ve noticed that my Vegan postings get the most likes, though 0 in the side of comments as yet – but its early days yet I am sure. Yet posts that are meat based tend to get 0 likes or maybe the odd person will like it – its kind of strange to see how people view the service and what gets posted.

I’ve also posted images from work, around the city and sky shots that caught my attention, plus other pics that just caught my attention to post. If you wish to see the images I’m talking about head on over to my Instagram account.



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