Well time passes and things are fixed, changed and updated

Greetings Everyone,

Well good news is that the digest version of the Macintosh Sisters elist will be installed sometime thursday, so that all member will now be able to switch to digest mode should they wish to do so.

On the Job front I’m still job hunting [sigh]. Something like 50 résumés have been posted to potencial employers, but no responces as yet. I know it will take time, but [sigh] I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get a job before I graduate or not, my fellow classmates who have less experiance in the field seem to have no trouble getting jobs, me with my experiance no such luck as yet. Oh well jobs are out there I know it, its just a matter of going after them as I find them and one or so will come forward wishing to interview me, and after that wish good luck and the like I’ll have the job.



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