More time passes, but I’m going strong

Well yet another week is starting, only another 6 weeks of school left before this part of my life is finished. just think almost the first quarter of my life of education is coming to a close, only to be spoted with upgrading courses here and there for the rest of my life. But I am thankful that my secondary education is almost over as it currently stands, I am tired of it all, I need a break not to mention more income, big time.

I’ve been working on adding more materail to my Cook Book CD that I’m hoping will be ready to sell shortly, I’m also redoing the catalog for my online shop. Along with all this I’ve been adding more sections to my online portfolio, and renaming a few sections as well, when finished I hop to have a good showing of the type of work that I can do, and with luck this type of material will help me get a good job.

Well short entry for the moment, add more as time passes, take care.



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