Welcome to Nyx’s Musings

Welcome to my little place on the web where I can post what I feel, think and other things which catch my attention, including but not limited to audio blogs as I figure out how to get those working here, and other stuff that catches my interest in general.

I do guess an introduction of myself to everyone is in order … lets see here … my name is Nyx Wolfwalker and I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have three companions, two parrots and a dog. I work as a freelance Graphic Artist and Web Designer. I have a degree in Native Studies, and two certificates in Digital Publishing and Art Fundementals, and I am working on getting other certifications as time does pass.

I like to travil, and my favorite place to travel to is the Isle of Man. Through I have traviled to Paris, Florance, Scotland, England, The Outer Herberdies, the Orkney Islands, and a few other places as well, around Europe.

I hope you enjoy my musings, take care



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