Getting Tired of College

Greetings Everyone,

Well times passing and College is almost finaly over for this turn of my life. Just another 8 weeks or so and its over save for night school, which i’ll likly be taking here and there for the rest of my life, seeing as one needs to always upgrade ones skills to keep competitive in this day and age.

Well what can I say, at the moment I’m in the process of scanning a load of old sketchs, drawings, paintings, photographs, and what not, will be eventaully be added to my online Portfoilo. Why am I doing this after all this time, that my portfoilo’s been online? Well for one reason, its part of a school project, as in a digital portfoilo. I’m just going to throw in a site and navigational redesign.

Eventually I will be making my portfoilo a stand alone flash application, but since its a school project and their systems do not always like flash, i’m advoiding that for the moment. Though I might just add a link, so that if people wish to view my portfoilo as a flash file, then they will be welcome to do so.

Hmm what else to say. Well I have been working on getting Macintosh Sisters, further off the ground, than it currently is. We have started up our newsletter, and this time through we have a few member who are more then willing to help get it off the ground, so I do hope that this will be an upward trend of things with the group, and that things will start coming together even more. I have also started working on a marketing plan for the group, to get it better well known. Banner Exchanges, Link Exchanges, paid advertising on our site, and a few other things that I’m hoping will help the site grow, and members prosper.

I’ve not touched my Web Guardians site for almost a month now, but I am planning on updating it this weekend time premitting.

As to PathWalkers.Net that site, I have been working on various things for the past month, new sections which will be uploaded shortly, as well as working on Sendings both the standard version and the special edition. I have also revamped the Study Group, and its offically up and running, which ta me is a good thing, since this version I feel is much easer for the student to use, and find help though.

Well I will be attending SOCRery 2003, everythings set, entrance fees paid and accomidations are all set. I can hardly wait till the event, i have already got my cloth, and am starting to remake my cloak which goes with my outfit, as my old cloak has seen much better days.

Well thats enough typeing for the time being, I’ll type more as time passes, take care everyone.



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