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Happy Pride Week to all who are part of the LGBTQA+ side of things, hope you are able to attend any of the various Prides that are taking place around the world this week. If you are here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada I hope that you are enjoying the various activities happening around the city and that you enjoy this coming weekend and the Pride parade.

Storage Unit
Well things are going as they go, still going though the boxes from the storage unit still feels like there is so much to go though (got about half left to go though, not counting our own unit itself to be gone though – sighs), trying to get dad to get in contact with those he was saying he could who needed the stuff where needing to donate (hospital, local community centre and local women’s shelter), though am thinking for some of my stuff that I need to find new homes for that I might try to see if the church has any member or members who might be in need of them (dressers, student desk, etc).

Yes said some of this before, but it’s really starting to erk me passing the pile of boxes day in and day out in the living room and not being table to bring more boxes home to go though – going though them at the storage unit is alright, but with the heat where hitting that’s a really unpleasant task to do (and I rather avoid it as possible – but if I need to do so so be it, it needs to get dun!).

Ended up getting another Xbox as our old one gave up the ghost and they where going to change us over 100 bucks to get it fixed – yet we can get a newer updated unit of the same specs for not much more (that and we only paid just over 50 bucks for the unit when we got it almost 5 years ago, so I think its been a good investment as it was), so not a great deal for them when it comes to fixing it never mind the cost of shipping and handling that would be tacked on to that price (ya told have to ship it to the US, umm ya no).

Health wise, was in hospital Friday for am emergency ultrasound of my left leg – its been giving me more and more issues over the past 3 weeks and more so recently to the point that as the day goes by it becomes harder and harder to put weight on it and by time its ready for bed it’s so freaking painful to walk on and swollen that it’s really interfering with things and not in a good way. The ultrasound tech, said no blood clot (which the doc was worried about, I wasn’t) but he has no idea what the cause of the swelling is or even could be so back to the beginning and trying to figure out what the fur is going wrong with the leg before it get’s worse and has even more of a negative effect of my living and mobility.

Weight’s still down, might only be 15 for the year so far but that’s still a loss that is a good thing all things considered.

Glucose is still all over the place, the infection that was in the tooth should be gone by now yet my glucose control is still all over the place so something isn’t right and I have 0 clue as to what is going on/wrong but something isn’t right – yet not answers as to what might be wrong. So am increasing my insulin to try to keep things level, but that’s not going very well as yet – though I have for the first time in 12 years actually finished a humalog vial in less than a month after taking it out of the fridge (which is a scary thing to me since I’m use to that vial lasting almost two months in stead of just over 3 weeks).

Still going though the images that mom had packed away and scanning them to put into the digital files for the Genealogy that I’m working on, finally got full access to Ancestry so have been going though that and trying to figure things out, one branch from my grandmother I’ve actually tracked one branch of many back to the 1200, another to the 1400 some are going no where as yet, but with time I hope they will. My dad’s side so far its not going very far at all and my mom’s dad’s side is the same its currently at a stand still, but am hopeful I’ll be able to add to it in short order.

Its kinda of funny, mom said that there was some hanky going on in the back ground with royalty and from what I’m seeing not so much as yet, but there are Lords, Ladies and Earls in the backgrounds and from looking at them its more the younger son’s of the family that would never inherit anything other then the title that this pice of lore that mom found might of come from (so not on the wrong side of the sheets, just standard not going to inherit because not close enough to the top of the birth order to be able to do so or out right born female).

Finding that a LOT of my mom’s side is from around the Kent/Surrey area of England with some actually in from the states (that was actually a shocker to see), so turns out that one branch though mostly in England does delve into a few generations being in the early settling of the US.

Well, post more as time allows for it take care everyone!



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