Running around

Well did mostly running around today, took Norman in to have an Xray dun of his food, because dad ran over his foot with the car a little bit ago – nothing broken, but he might have a hairline fracture which just means had have to take it careful as he has been already so nothing new there really.

Got a new Xbox because our old one gave up the ghost, the new one looks different then the old one and according to N feels different as well – no idea its just another windows based deal to me i can’t tell the difference between the two for gaming as yet.

Got come stuff from walmart for the week, dads food mostly and ran into some sister missionaries doing their shopping as well (so that was a first) even talked with the sister’s who where chaperoning them around during their shopping trip (which seemed strange, but guess its how its dun, no idea).

Other then that got home cooked up dinner and worked on things on my computer.

post more shortly, take care everyone.



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