Unhealthy Eating and Work

Well for the 6 days that I was working at a new job, I was eating my lunch at one fast food place or another.

Heres how it was …

Wake up at 8am – get my breakfast and do what I needed to do before leaving the house at 9am to get into work by 10 min to 10, fist 5 days I helped open the place up since I was under training. 6th day I open the studio on my own because I have the day to myself I’m off training.

Go about my morning and part of the afternoon as normal, shopping photos and ringing people up, etc. Then comes lunch about 2pm and the options are McDs, BK, some asian fast food place, Tim Hortons, Pizza Pizza and a shady restaurant. Well first day I chose the chinese place to eat since I though it would be good, it was but since it took 20 min for them to make my meal it really cut into my lunch hour, which wasn’t great that and the cost was higher then I was looking for. So for the rest of the lunches save one I’ve spent at McDs with this rotation regular burger with either a side salad or small fries, I also get a medium pop that has unlimited refills (which I tend to refill once, since I get the drink when I get into work and then get another mid way though the afternoon).

Then I’m back at work at 3pm till closing (which is 7 in the evening) then I have to clean the place up and what have you, which means by time I’m dune its close to 8 and when I get home its closer to 9, which leaves me about 3 hours to have dinner go though stuff that has happened that day with Norman and to have a bath, before having to get into bed and get as much sleep as possible.

I don’t mind the hours in general, but the unhealthy eating is an issue with me since I’m not a big fan of McDs to start with that and bringing my own food I’ve tried to do so but it just doesn’t work very well when I have no real place to put anything of that nature, the closet I can use is a storage place for equipment and the like so not much room for my purse much less my jacket/coat.

Oh well I’ll see how it goes when it comes to work and healthy eating.



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