Undertakings for 2012

Welcoming in the New Year

Well its the start of a new year, that’s right it is now 2012 the year that things are to happen, or so the media and other’s would have us believe. Weather it does or doesn’t remains to be seen, but regardless of if its truth or not the year will still be interesting for everyone to what ever degree because its just part of life in general.

With some of that in mind every year people make new year resolutions and every year those resolutions don’t get followed or if they do its for a short period of time and not necessary for long term (yes some people make good on them, but not many it does seem), which is why I try and make goals for myself each year because I know setting goals for myself means I will try my hardest to meet them.

Each year since 2006 I have had the goal of lousing 20 pounds within the year, and for the most part I might not have lost that amount, but I did louse so at least the idea of the goal was still on my mind and though not meet was honored. Same goes for finding employment, I’ve been making that a goal since finishing collage back in 2003 and every year something does come along, but anything on a perm basis seam’s to be but a dream (seasonal employment seam’s to the common deal or something which is not great, but work is work when all is said and dun).

Thus like in years pass my goals for this year are…
* Find employment (aim for full time perm, but seasonal will be taken as will part time)
* Louse 20 pounds (which would put me in the 230s which I think is reasonable)
* Gain better control over my glucose (as in get my A1Cs lower, with a 7 goal by end of the year)

I have other things that I would like to happen as well such as moving out with N to a place of our own, but like a lot of things this depends on the cost of living and where either of us are working and who’s pulling the higher figure income, as in if its me and its outside of the city we’d likely have to move, but if its him then staying with my folks would be the wisest economic stance to take (though frustrating at the same time).

I know that times are not easy right now and that the economy isn’t as positive as it was in years gone by, but I still have hope that things will turn around for us and that we will both find gainful employment that we enjoy that is beyond seasonal (not to say seasonal isn’t good, it just seems that seasonal = 10 weeks of employment then back to hunting for something else, while still trying to pay ones bills).

Well I hope that this new year is good to you and good to N and I as well, write more as time does pass.

Take care everyone,



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