Toronto Elections up and comming…

I have no freaking clue who I am even going to vote for in the Toronto Elections on November 13th 20006. There are apparently 38 Mayor candidates to choose from. And not a single one of them do I actually recognize the name of save the current mayor. Not to mention apparently one has to also choose who will make up the 22 positions of Councillors, and who will fill the places on the four local school boards.

Sighs local politics I do not like, give me federal any day, at least that I can follow, but this ummm where’s the reader digest versions?

I will admit to going though the Toronto Elections web site, and you know what? I’m still no closer to having a freaking idea about who to vote for then I did before I hit the site. The only ppl I have heard about for the elections are the current major, a person called Jane Pitfield and a man named Stephen LeDrew .. looked at their web sites as well and ummm what ever is my comment on their sites, they tell me very little information (lost of info there, but nun of it means much to me – as in nun of it sounds like they can do the job they are saying that they can do).

Though I must admit looking at Nicholas Brooks site, it might not be pretty or the like, but it appears to be his own site created by himself on his own computer and is to the point and what not …. the only person so far who I have seen who’s site actually catches my attention … shakes head. Though his Dog Parks Idea … lets put it this way .. FOR GET IT I pay a fee for my dog as it is and I am NOT going to walk my dog at a park the i have to pay for when there is already a leash free area about 2 minutes from where I life on the beach.

Oh well he’s one thats caught my attention out of many others who are running, but I am still not sure who I’ll vote for in the coming election.



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