Money should go to schools not the parents!

Growls at the Canadian Government and their load of crap…

I know that a good number of children today are over weight and what, not because I live up the street from a public school (JK to 6) and I see the children and looking at them makes me wonder what the freak are their folks thinking, then again most of their folks have other ppl it seems to take care of their children, since they are to busy to have a family (sighs, I really do not get the mentality of one up men ship or the like).

In an article posted to the Toronto Star’s web site entitled “Kids should sweat for tax break: Panel”

Now I can agree that children need to burn more calories then they are eating if they are to be in shape, but lets see here as a child I ate healthy, was very active and yet I still put on weight like crazy till I was 16 when I leveled out at 275 and stated at that weight till I was 27 years old, when I lost 50 pounds.

I think the program well a good incentive for the parents to get their children active isn’t that great in general, they need to put the money back into the education program, and instead of cutting down Physical Education increase it .. like hello, I had PE when I was in school twice a week. Now I hear children are lucky to get it once a freaking month in some schools because of PE cut backs – for crying out loud!!!

So how about instead of giving only those parents who apply for the fund the moines, give it to the schools to go towards PE and get the children more active AT school, the lady knows PE is good for them and doesn’t hurt their ability to learn, if anything it helps their ability to learn.

The line “While we do not pretend the . . . tax credit will be a panacea that will end most childhood obesity, we passionately believe the tax credit is an important component of what must be a broader strategy to encourage activity among young people.” just makes me laugh, they wish to give parents a tax credit while the school system that is responsible for the children education and what not gets their budgets clawed back. Hmmm lets see here, how about poll the parents about that one, give a tax credit or put that tax credit towards the education system!

Take care everyone



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