Still looking for work … its out there somewhere…

Well it has been almost a full four months since I gradutated with a Diploma in New Media Design, almost Two years since I graduated with a Certificate in Art Fundementals, almost a year since I graduated with a Certificate in Digital Publishing and almost 3 years since I graduated with a Degree (BA) in Native Studies.

From all accounts that I’ve been able to track down from friends, almost all of them have jobs of one sort or another in their chosen filed, and they are totaly supprised that I’m not working in any of my fields beyound the occasional freelance/contract job. Personaly I’m not pleased with it, but my passion is in Teaching and I would really like to teach at the College level, in New Media, Web Design or realated areas. I enjoy teaching very much, and from those who I have tutored and taught, they think so as well, but as yet nun of the colleges or places I’ve applied to have applied to have gotten back to me, though I still have hope.

In another week I will be finished my tutoring stint with Centennial College (Centre for Creative Communications) in the New Media Department, and at this moment there is not chance of me going back to tutor with the next session starts, as I do not qualify (i’m no longer a full time student there). I’ve thought about applying to teach night school at various colleges, but as yet I’ve dun nothing in that regards, I’m still holding out hope for full time employment or PT employment with a college as an instructor.

On another note, I’ve been working on my sites, my main site (Portfolio site) Nyxstium has been revamped, and I am in the process of designing an interactive progressive type protfolio all in flash for it. I am also in the process of updating all of PathWalkers, just have about another 100,000 pages to go though, and I’m also trying to find a good membership application that will make Meeting Point easer to maintain and update by the ppl who regester with it, instead of having to do it all myself when updates happen, or when ppl submit their profiles. Speaking on PathWalkers is in full gear now. And has gotten almost 6,000 views since it opened last month, but as yet membership is small, but growing, about 1 person a day at this point in time.

Macintosh Sisters had gone under a revamp/design and according to the members they do like the redesign very much, which pelases me greatly, as it was a brain racker to get it ta work properly. Last of all Web Guardians is at the moment standing still. I’ve got a template ready for the redesign/updateing, but as yet I’m putting my time into getting PWN‘s redesign working.

Well I’ll post more as time passes, take care everyone.



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