Interviews and Darkness…

Greetings Everyone from the dark of Toronto.

Well the power is still not what it was, but its flowing for the time being. Phonelines are still not stable, and cell is not much better at the moment, but at least I can get out about 50% of the time, I just wish incoming was at least that much, as it is, its about 25% of the time ppl can get in to call us, which is a pain.

The new’s says that we will likely always remember where we where when the power went out. Which is likely true in my case. I was in a Job interview, for a private College, when the power went out. Infact I was in the middle of it, and no the interview didn’t stop, it contined on for another 30min or so, in total interview lasted about 90 minutes. Will I get the job? i have no idea, it seems like a possibility, but like past interivews it might also fall through and not work, but that is life and some where out there is a teaching posiiton for me that I’m ment ta have and teach at.

I’ve got an interivew on Monday, providing the power troubles haven’t cancled it, but I’ll know monday, as my firend and I have not been able to contact them as yet. I’ve got my portfolio together, since I’ve not really change it much from what I tool to my last interview, only i’ve added more prints regarding DTP to it and Web Design, insted of Student and Art Work.

I’ve also been working on my sites, and PWN Interactive is slowly growing, two new people join this morning, which is great, and I hope that they enjoy being members of the community.

On another note, its been really hot around here, not really being able to have the air conditioning on, though I do put it on about 30min before I go ta bed, to get my room cool, and turn it off before I turn in, but sighs I’m so use to having it on to sleep with, bercuase I just do not like the heat, and it doens’t really like me eithor.

The power going out really threw me, becuase I was support to go ta a persons home and help her with her system, but with the power going out, I wasn’t able to go, one because little to no gas (station at bottom of street and top can’t pump gas, nor an other one inthe area, and i didn’t have enough to get from one end of Toronto to the Other with out running out, not to mention I was not able to reach her via landlines or email (no power).

Well with luck and hop things will be getting back to normal shortly and people will be able to get on with their lives, with less intruption, then has been taking place over the past four months.

Well that’s enough ranting for the moment, take care everyone.



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