30 Days of Truth – Day 8

I think I might be getting the hang of the 30 Days of deal that I’ve gotten myself into then again maybe not. Today is Day 8 and the topic that I am to blog about Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.

Well the are two people who comes to mind for this and both of them are abusive ex’s who caused me a lot of trouble and issues while I was with them, that at the time I did see it I just didn’t see it clear enough to get out of it as fast as I should have dun so. I’m not going to name names because that isn’t right to do, but anyone who does know me knows who I am talking about at least for one of them, the other well nun know who he is save he who is and I’ll leave it at that.

The one person many know of started out great between us, we had hit it off and we had many things in common though we also had a good 15 years difference between us. While the age gap didn’t both us it did both many people close to me mostly my folks, though my mom did try and make peace with it, but that didn’t actually happen. This person was very controlling and demanding and while we where just dating it was good, he didn’t show any of his controlling, demanding or other issues that would pop up out of the blue the moment we moved in together. That was when the nightmare for me started, and it wasn’t over night but a series of weeks and months for it to build up and before I knew what had happened I had gotten use to it and had started to question my own self.

I would seek out help from local professionals but they would say nothing of help to me, not till one day I put a post out to someone who I called friend and she gave me some very sound advice that helped me a great deal and in turn helped me break louse and start the process of breaking the cycle that I’d gotten myself into.

While I did break that cycle, the two people who really hurt me are still there in the back of my mind and I still wonder if I could have dun something different, sooner or what have you that would have changed how things went, but its the past so am trying to leave it there.



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