#FitBlog – QnA (Is a Number Really Just a Number?)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Do you track your weight/calories on a regular basis?
Yes I use SparkPeople to track my calories and weight loss/gain.

Q2) Do you find yourself tracking “everything” or just the good stuff?
I track regardless of if I like it or not, I can’t know what is going on with my body less I track it, for the good and nt so good news of it all.

Q3) Do you find tracking weight/calories good or bad for you?
Yes, as I said I track regardless of if its good or not

Q4) What is the hardest thing about tracking numbers for you?
Remember what it is I are or did, since I don’t always log into SP to do so on a daily basis and trying to remember to track into a note book hasn’t proven to be very useful.



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