30 Days of Me – Day 18

When I first say what the topic for today was going to be I drew a blank as to what I was even going to write much less post but I figured it out, do here goes, Day 18 and the topic for today is telling you about my Plans/dreams/goals that I have have.

There is a number of things that I would like to do in the future, I would like to have my own home with Norman, with enough land that is private enough that we don’t have to worry about being over looked and have enough land for our dogs to be comfortable.

I’d also like to have a home business that is sustainable and brings in a good income to live off of without having to worry about where our next meal will be coming from at any given point in time. The idea of operating a B&B does hold some interest to me to degrees, but I’m not sure its 100% something we’d get into, but its a possibility nun the less since it would be a home business that would allow us to have a home of our dreams plus the land to go with it.

Immediate plans are simple, pay off incurred credit debt which means get a half decent paying job that will pay off that debt while at the same time allowing Norman and I to live on our own outside of my folks home if at all possible (if not no big deal, but it something we’d like to be able to do).



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