#FitBlog QnA (Healthy Hodgepodge)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Great news! There’s a movie adaptation of your blog (or fitness story) in the works. Who’s playing the part of YOU?
I would have no idea, I don’t really follow who’s who in move ppl .. off the top of my head the couple female actresses that I know of are Gates McFadden and Maria Stuis don’t think a red head would suit my roll then again a back heard women either, but hay they are the only two female’s I really know the names of to any degree.

Q2) You step on the scale and see an unexpected gain. What’s your “go-to” obscenity? What do you say if there’s a kid in the room?
I see this all the time and I don’t say anything about it that is negative save she shake my head and shrug. Whatever, its a number of a scale that doesn’t mean much save that it says I’ve gained weight which might or might not be reality till my clothing tells me other wise it means nothing to me, end of story.

Q3) I’m coming to your house to dinner and I want your best-tasting healthy dish. What is it? (BTW, I really AM coming to your house for dinner).
I’d likely do up a stir fry of sorts depending on what we have in the house, if nothing much then well you’d get what ever there was on the table to healthy or not. Our budget is what it is and once its gone for the month everyone eats what there is and if you don’t like it you go without and go hungry end of story.

Q4) Katy brought me here tonight to shake things up. How have you shaken things up in your fitness and health regimen lately?
Gotten into doing the Wii Fitness Plus, but other then that nothing new.



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