Productive Day all in All

Despite forgetting if I’ve taken the Cymbulta or not today has been a VERY productive day in general – got a LOT dun for a couple of things for Church that I kept thinking I’d dun but turned out I’d started and then forgotten I’d been working on it, so got those all finished up and completed by tomorrows deadline!Also managed to get some stuff dun on a site that I maintain but have been slacking on, since I keep thinking I’ve already dun some of the stuff which I have dun parts of it – but like the church stuff its not fully completed so today I have actually zipped through 50% of the site update that i’ve been working on the transition to a new style/deal … and client is very happy with it. Only down side for the day so far is the migraine, hip/back pain, finger/hand pain and not having eaten as yet since its still the furthest thing from my brain to do (thinking of it makes my tummy turn).



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