Day 9 – Cymbalta / Duloxetine taper

Woke up early couldn’t get back to sleep so started the day earler than normal for me. Woke up because I felt sick to my tummy and the feelong just wouldn’t go away most of today unfortunately.

Getting up early meant I got a little more dun today than I was expecting to get dun in general. Ended up doing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, putting away laundry, and tidying up the house.

Not a lot of pain from doing so, but wasn’t painless either but over all the highest I hit today was maybe a 4 which was a nice change for once.Unfortunately for dinner (the o ly meal of the day) I only managed to chock down a little bit of spinage and my body wasn’t to pleased with me either.

So the days effects are…
• nausea
• lack of feeling hungry
• eating then feeling full before I even get more than a mouthful down
• uncontrolled hyperglycaemia (running between 12 and 18 most of the day despite in increased Humalog dosage)

So not much different then it’s been for the past week in general, the hyperglycemia is starting to annoy me to no end since I still need to go and get my a1c dun and these high numbers are going to skru my 5s I’vean aged to get for the last 5 years.



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