PodCasting … or trying at least

Well I have been trying to set up my web cam to be able to get a pod/video cast going, but growls its not working out that way at all. Sighs.

The audio is choppy as the dickens, and I can't at the moment figure out why its acting up, everything is checkout out just fine … only thing i can think of is that I’m running a few programs and they might be dipping into what ever the deal is with the audio, but you’d think with almost 18 GB of RAM and a Tara drive of space that wouldn’t matter … sighs/growls. Oh well, i'll figure it out eventually, its just a matter of time before I get it figured out that’s all.

Now the subject of the pod cast, what will it be? Well one will be my “diet journal” or “weight loss journey” not 100% sure what to call that side of things as yet, yes i know there are hundreds of such deals posted to YouTube and the like, so mine will be just one more, oh well.

My other idea for a pod cast is on Wicca for my site PathWalkers, not 100% sure what to do for that side of things. Maybe talk about the site, read a few of the postings (articles), and review music for the site and the like, still trying to get my brain around something for this side of things, once I have things down I’ll know where to go from there.

And yes its going to be hosted via YouTube, I would host it from my own server, but lack the necessary bandwidth to do so is the main reason why YouTube will be where its uploaded .. might not be the best deal, but hay better their bandwidth then mine, chuckles.

Well will update here as things work and ofcourse will post the cast, once its up and running.

Take care everyone,



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