Hitting the GYM

Well I’ve added an extra two days to my time at the gym. As in was going twice a week now its more like 4 to 5 times a week to which I am aiming for to go, yes it means an increase in calories burned while there, but I find that I need to get out of the house away from the comp and what not and the GYM turns out to be the best place to go for two hours to get away from it all so to speak.

Still working on setting a deal for myself, as in days that I’ll hit the weight room plus cardio, vs days that its just cardio, or just weights, though I am sure that cardio will always be part of the deal since well I like the treadmill big time, and it makes me feel good about myself after using it, that and feeling all nice and sweaty and just that side of feeling that I got something dun.

Well take care everyone



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