New Comp On Its Way

I don’t know what it is about some “sales” ppl but trying to sell someone who already knows what it is they need something other then what they need is annoying. I know X is in stock, Y is coming in next week but not what or need and Z is what I want and need and am willing to pay the price to get the well its a no brainer in my thinking.

Here’s the deal they have in stock New and Used iMacs but the used only have Snow on them the new do have Lion but they can only be maxed to 8GB of RAM which is even less then my current comp for memory and the version of CS6 I’ll be running takes a min of 8GB minimal recommended RAM to run (the three base programs I run at once) doesn’t leave much to working with other programs or high end files.

The Mac Pro he could get in are also used and again only running Snow not Lion thus they are NOT the new Pro’s on the market thus my looking to get 5 years out of it wouldn’t happen if they are 2009 or 2010 models, yes they would be cheaper but not by much and not in the long run of things. I’ve had my current PowerMac for 7 years yet its 8 years old and only reason for upgrading is cost to upgrade it vs buying new, cheaper to go new then upgrade that and its not intel so its reached its max usage as things stand – but its still useful for dad just not for me and the work I’m doing.

Part of me is thinking I should have upgraded sooner, but truth of the matter is I’m one that doesn’t like to upgrade unless I really have to do so – which means I’ll run my stuff into the group or close enough to me if its still working and can do the work I need then no upgrade is necessary, which is the point my main comps hit its no longer able to access half the stuff I need it to access thus its time to move forwards and get the next generation of comp that should last me 2 years but will with luck last 5.



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