Mountain Lion – OS X.8 (10.8)

OS X.8 - 10.8Well the update went smooth to degrees, as in I started to download the day Apple gave me the code to be able to do so, what I didn’t do was install it until today (ya started the update on Friday during the olympic games but didn’t get around to the install until sunday – shakes head). Happenings around the house prevented me from getting back to my comp as I had though I was going to (other wise I’d not have dun the update). Well it was worth waiting for nun the less, and I’m pleased with how its going thus far (been running the new OS since 5pm EST).

I’ve gone though a few forums and sites that have people talking about the new OS and from what I am seeing there are a number of people who have been using Mac’s for a few years that are not impressed with the new OS and wont nothing to do with it or apple now for what ever reason (makes me think they are old time windows users who switched and now are thinking of going back). I’ve read a few older users (some who have been using mac’s as long as I have) who are actually fair happy with the update and apple in general.

From my own end of things, I’m still getting use to how the newer OS works, since I’ve been running Tiger on my main comp since I got it back in 2005, so ya its been a few years that I’ve not worried about anything that apple is doing with their systems or the like. I do have Leopard on my macbook and have Snow for it but have never updated it do to lack of compatibility with a few key programs that I run, still not upgrading it since its now my only way of running rosetta based apps (that and a set of key programs will not run under snow – so paid the 19.99 for nothing it seems grrrr).

Well when it comes to upgrading as I have dun from Tiger up to Lion and now Mountain Lion talk about a learning curve to various degrees – and once again learning my way around the OS itself. Makes me feel like how it was when I upgraded from 9.2.2 to X itself oh so many years ago. Though at least back then it would still run the OS 9 stuff though what ever the program was called so made the transition easer to degrees. But for this time around its a complete jump in OS and programs. I’ve been forced to actually upgrade my primary programs that I use for work those being from Adobe (Photoshop and InDesign primary, Dreamweaver and Illustrator secondary).

Thus moving to a new Mac Pro and in the process a new OS has been an interesting deal to day the least since the move has happened in the middle of working on a project for a client (thankfully photoshop CS6 works much like Photoshop 7 that doing what I was doing didn’t take a hit in the learning curve same goes for InDesign 7 vs CS6, though in CS6 some of the work arounds i was doing in 7 I don’t have to do now so that’s a nice change and time saver). I actually also like Dreamweaver better then I did, and I’ll admit to not using it much until now before now I stuck with GoLive (seem’s a lot has happened with dreamweaver since MX hit the market – which was the last version of it that I was working with).

I’m still getting use to Lion in general so upgrading to Mountain Lion really wasn’t a big deal since it was a free upgrade since I got my mac not to long ago. Reading up on what is part of Lion and has been added onto Mountain Lion it makes for interesting reading, though not sure if half the things that have been added I’ll ever make use of (I know I didn’t make use of half the things in Tiger or in Leopard) since they are not things that I see myself using or needing (though a few of them in time that might change, but right now iCloud seems over rated and an unnecessary cost since I don’t have an iPhone or even an iPad and sharing things between my mac’s well I’ve been doing that for years so no idea why I’d need iCloud do to what I’ve been doing for the past 20 years of my life).

There are a few app’s that look interesting though going to take a bit getting use to in regards to even using them, that being Notes and Reminders two apps that I’ve never used before and I know there was a form of notes called stickies on Leopard that I’ve not really used. Looks like it might be useful, though having to click on it to load it instead of just hitting up the dashboard I don’t know, time will tell if that gets used or if its just taking up space same goes for Reminders that might be helpful I don’t really know since I’ve not even used iCal or anything on my comp out side of Entourage to post myself reminders about happenings or the like.

The talk about this new feature called LaunchPad seems to have mixed reviews by various people, personally since I’ve never seen it before it actually seems like a handy app – since I can just hit it and get any of the apps that I’ve not had saved into the side bar which is handy to me since it means I don’t have to clutter up the side bar with all the applications that I don’t use on a daily basis but only a couple times here and there.

There is also a new feature in Safari or at least new to me in that I click this screen type thing up in the corner and it pulls focus and allows me to look at all the tabs open and choose while one to go to instead of just hitting the tab off the bat – or lets me just check up on whats happening on a tab without having to click the tab (good for chats and watching progressing of other things like online games).

Well so far so good when it comes for running Mountain Lion, though I do admit to not follow half the stuff I saw posted before installing it mostly because I’d not been using my comp long so having to do a reinstall of Lion wouldn’t have cost me anything save time.

Well take care, post more as time passes.



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