My brains still asleep

Well sorry for not posting as much this week, but it does appear that time has gotten away from me to various degrees, but that is life it does appear at least of late that is.

Of late here at work, we’ve had some power troubles, which mean that at any moment what your woking on could dissappear because of a power failure. I lost 90%of the work from yesterday to two such deals, which really managed to piss me off since I had saved the stuff but for some reason the files got crupeted,so where useless to me. Which means that I had to start all over again today rebuilding what I’d created yesterday.

I am really tired this week – for some reason I just can’t seem to wake up fully. It might well be because sleep isn’t coming easy to me this week, no matter how early I go to bed I just can’t seem to get a good nights sleep, which means I wake feeling more tired then I did going to bed – not good.

Part of the project that I am now working on here at work has me mostly using Photoshop and Poser to create props for a project that is up and coming. I don’t mind doing it, but findig the right props and creating them is a little bit of a b and a half using a mouse, since I am so freaking use to using my wacom pad for most of the comp work that I have been doing for the past 15+ years.

I really do not like not being able to post to my blog daily as I’d like to its a realy pain, but at the same time given a chance to post, like I had last night I just couldn’t find the words to put down on screen. My mind was just drawing a blank when it came as to what to type, which is most uncommon for me, but of late seems to be the norm – might well be because of the work I’m doing that my multi taking isn’t as good as it was since I’m not splitting my attention between to many deals at once as I normaly do.

Mostly because I’m working in an area which is fair new to me to various degrees thus I do not wish to make a mistake – K that’s part of it and the ohter part is that I for once actually enjoying what I’m working on so doing multiple things just doens’t come to my mine – go figure that one out.

Lunch for the past two days (yesterday and today) has been chinese food, mostly because the dinning hall has been really booked solid with a conferance that’s taking place and getting food from it well takes longer then I’m willing to wait, that and I wanted a treat – so i treated myself to something I’ve not had in ages (about 3 months actually).

Another complant that I have at the moment is that I seem to have gained back the weight I lost plus 5lbs which really pisses me off to no end. Before I went on the liptor my weight was coming off nicely, but the moment I come off of it, two weeks later I’ve gained weight.

I am not doing anything different that I wasn’t doing before, I’m eating my normal amount, walking as much as I ever have and in general doing everything i was before the drug – yet now i’m off of it my weights blomed back up! talk about a real piss off a freaking year to get 20lbs off, and in a matter of two weeks its been put back on plus 5.

My weight normaly doesn’t bother me, but I think the main reason its bothering me right now is that I’ve been good, I’ve been doing what I got in the good habit of doing, and thanks to one crappy stupid drug its like undun my hard work and lifestyle changes. That is the real kicker, going on depo didn’t gain me weight, going on the metformin didn’t either (though its common to louse weight while on it).

Sighs and shutters, just took my supplements and pills – ug yuck. Metformin, Avantia, Asprin, Flex Seed Oil, Milk Thisle, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin A, Alpha-Lophoic Acid, CQ10, Folic Acid, Beta Careteen, and a couple others I can’t remember the name of at the moment, all told about 15 supplements just went down (where’s my milk when I really need it – juice just doesn’t help them go does as well as milk does – sighs).

Well take care everyone,



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