long day…

K this is new for me I am actaully looking forward to the weekend, and hoping to hell that its not as busy as last weekend was. I’d like come comp time at home to get though the growing email back log – no idea how high it is now, but lets say I’m sorry ppl but some groups I just am going to be a ghost for a little while it does seem.


In other news there is a lot of contravercy in the news of late over the cartoons that have been printed in various newspapaers in Europe. I can udnerstand people getting upset with the imges that where printed, but like hello its humour – granted I don’t like it when witches or native people are protrayed in a negative light, but I do understand cartooning of people and exadrating sterotypes, even if I do not agree with it I understand doing it. The shock value alone at times can be enough to get people to think about whats happening around them, or enough to get people talking and doing something about an injestice they now know about or the like.

There have been some interesting articles in the Star in regards to the printing of these images (Muslin anger grows over drawings, Rights, religion clash in cartoon uproar, Furor grows over cartoons of prophet – and many other articles), and even an article from an artist who draws cartoons for newspapers (Cartoonist: We don’t apolifize for opinion).

Even the US government or the military has its bitch about a cartoon which was published showing a man with no arms or legs in a hospital with a Mr. Rumsfeld standing over the person and saying “I’m listing your condition as ‘battle hardened.’ with the a little blurb at the bottom of the cartoon that reads “I’m prescribing that you be streched thin, we don’t define that as torture”


Well I just learned that today is my last day here at the work placement. They might need me in a couple weeks time, but as of today its my last day here for work till further notice. Sighs new it was to good to be true, oh well times change and you have to change with them.

Well take care everyone,



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