Mom Update

Well she is hocked up to like 9 million leads and what not, so she looks like she’s growing things from her body – but they are necessary to monitor things, but bloody uncomfortable to have stuck to you and with her brittle skin, lets say the skin breaks leave a bad looking bruise, which will take months to heal for her.

They (the docs) are having birds trying to find drugs that she can take, and which they have access to though their in house pharmacy. They will not let dad bring in mom’s meds, just yet. Mostly because of hospital policies and the like, but if things go as they have in the pass, an order will be issued and dad will bring mom in her meds.

As to how mom is looking, well when last I saw her she didn’t look that good. Pasty, eyes rolling into the top of her head, and in general not being able to make a complete straight coherent sentence. You’d almost think she’d had a stroke, but from what I understand that hasn’t happened.

I got my mom a toy from the gift shop, hoping that it would bring some cheer to her. It did, but she didn’t want to keep it with her because she didn’t want to get it dirty. And i was like, “I don’t care, get it dirty – its a toy it can be cleaned”, and if not I’ll get another one for you when you get out, no big deal.

The fact that its a Ty is bedsides the point, I know those things can be worth money down the road, but at this point in life I do not care, my mom feeling better and getting better is far more important then some toy that might be worth what ever price in the future.

The house has looked a little better then it currently does, but then again I’m not as good a house maker as my mom is, its more her deal then it is mine. As in she enjoys cleaning, and I do not enjoy it what so ever, I do it because it needs doing, not because i like to do it. At least the dishes are dun as is the laundry (not that there’d going to be much in that regards, but still what was there has been dun).

Food shopping has been dun, so there’s not enough food for a couple weeks worth of meals, though with just dad and me eating the food, it will last a little longer then normal which works out well for the budget – though as dad says at the moment, budget be damed, mom’s more important then the budget, he’s right to a degree but that budget is what keeps them going in food and what not.

Well take care everyone, will update as time passes.



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