5th heart attack – not good

Well here was thinking that things where going to start to get better, but apparently not. This morning mom suffered yet another heart attack, minor, but still another attack. On top of that she also suffered two more Porphyria attacks, one minor which lead the to heart attack, which in turn lead to a more serious Porphyria attack.

And most of it could have been prevented, had the nurses been able to give mom the right drug fast enough to stop the first Porphyria attack, but thanks to low staffing and the like, it was apparently a good 15 min before she was attend, by which time she’d suffered another heart attack, and was into a full blone Porphyria attack, that has left her temporarily without speech and limited movement and feeling (similar to a stroke).

Other then that, she’s been transferred to a new wing and floor with more nursing staff and care – so if she had another attack in theory they should be able to get to her faster. She’s even more hooked up to things now then she was before, she’s now on a heart monitor, and a higher oxygen deal – they are also giving her small amounts of Demerol (she’d lucky to be able to take it, I can’t) to help control the pain she’s in.

I am hoping that she will have a restful night tonight, but I do fear that it will be like the past couples of nights pain filled with little in the way of good solid rest.

The doc’s are now giving her insulin injections because with the stuff she’d on her sugar levels are hitting to high a point for her diabetes to handle, thus on top of things they have to keep her diabetes under control. It is a real painful balancing ack between the Porphyria and the Diabetes which are at pretty much two different ends of the scales when it comes to treatments, over treat one and the other lets you know about it in very short order.

Well take care everyone,



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