Learning Curve

Well its been an interesting couple of days – and today was one of those days where I have spent a great deal of it transferring files between my old G3 and my new G5, started transferring files at 2:00pm till 19:00 then stopped for a time, and restarted transferring files at 23:00 and no idea when I’ll finish transferring the files – though I do assume that it might take a couple of days to get it all dun at least at how things are currently looking it is, but like everything that might well not be the case.

Another thing I will have to do when all is said and dun or there about I will have to go though my MP3s and import them all into iTunes to see what ones I have and how much space they all take up for that matter. I know I have about 10GB worth of MP3s, or at least that’s what the reading on my old G3’s iTunes was, so no idea in reality how much space all the MP3s i have take up since I don’t have them all in iTunes as yet.

Well take care everyone



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