G5 Getting Up And Running

Well I’ve managed to get more from what was on my old comp onto my new comp, but its not been easy to do since access the old comp isn’t very stable and the like, but at least I’ve managed to get what I have been able to get, which is a fair portion, including all the email (thanks the lady for that one, i have email in that account from 1995 that I’ve been saving).

I’ve not installed all the software that I need to yet – such as Photoshop, InDesign, Flash and the like but I’m working on it, and looking as the space on my new HD goes down and down and down, my 250GB HD at the moment is under 170GB sighs, looks like getting a newer HD might be in my future sooner then I had though at the rate it seems to be going – as in adding the programs I need for work and the like I know are going to put me at least at 150GB of HD space if not a little bit less.

Good thing this new comp came with a 250GB HD, the one below it at 160GB would have been running low in the extreme shortly with a new HD being added sooner then later (the only upside when it comes to HD at the moment is that I can get a 500GB HD for just over 300.00, and a Tara Drive for just over 1,000.00 not that I have that sort of funds – but knowing that they are cheap enough to get when funds are there is a good thing, at least I think it is to various degrees (helps ya plan ahead for what you are looking to get and the like).

One of the applications that comes with the comp that I am actually kind of interested in playing around with is GarageBand – at least I am once I get my MIDI Keyboard working again (need to get a USB adaptor for it to plug into my comp), you see for a number of years when I was younger I use to play the keyboard and create different arrangements to sing along with from such songs as Cats and what not.

To a degree I would like to get back into doing that if I am able to do so. I am also interested in the latest application added to the iLife pack a application called iWeb, I already know its not what I’ll use for web design or anything like that – but its got a feature for working on PodCasting that’s caught my attention that I’d like to see what I can do in that area of field (K GarageBand is how you record the postcast, but iWeb is for publishing it – though i do assume its not necessary, and from the looks of things its not – but will have to see for myself what works best for me).

Well take care everyone,



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