Income and more in SecondLife…

Well I must admit that I am a little shocked at how much the Lindon is worth real world … at this moment of posting in time I have L$21,263 worth of Lindon, which according to the Second Life site is currently worth 74.34 US dollars .. not bad for two months of solid work in SL.

K not as good as RL work, but hay its still good in my books.And add to that I have started making my own clothing to wear, and eventaully sell once I get pices together which I think ppl will be interested in buying that is.

So far I have put together a Pride set of clothing (T-Shirt and Jeans), K not very orginal, but its a start as far as my own books go, which means that I’m going to try and make my own orginal clothing as time passes, already have a nice leather out fit in the works, but its taking time to try and get the texture as I want it to look (aka as close to real leather as possible).

Well take care everyone



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