Outing Dumbledore

J.K. Rowling is back at the centre of a fierce debate after revealing Harry Potter’s mentor is gayThe Star

Well J.K. Rowlings has finally put to rest the rumer mill that Dumbledore is Gay … Took her long enough to varify the rumour that has been going around the net for several years now about Dumbledore.

Oh well no worries to me, though from the different posts around the net you’d think something major had just happened and not a confermation of what many though already about the charature.

Oh well guess it gives those who hate just one more book series to be ticked off with, first it was the witchcraft angle, now its the homosexual angle that is hitting the radar. Oh well there will always be intolerant people, but its sad to see it all the same.

But like everything, there will be those who don’t care, and those who will never have anything but hate in their hearts and minds, at least thats my take on things in this world in which I live.




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