Furnal Equinox 2012 #FE2012

FirestormSix Group photo taken at FE2012 of all the 160 suitersFRIDAY
Well FE2012 was good and interesting, got there a little late on Friday then we had planed on arriving thanks to me taking a slight detour (I blame N or reading the directions wrong), but we got their before the time I said we’d be there at the latest, so at least we arrived well before our shifts started. Just have to remember that next year opening ceremonies might well be starting earlier then they have in past years (as in the thought is to have opening around 10am – way to early to me but well see if that happens or not).

Well we got up early on Friday or at least I did, was up about 8am getting things together that I’d missed the night before – We’d already packed the main bags with our fursuits and our heads and paws but had to pack a few other items, like food and some extra clothing (undergarments), we actually got out of the door just after 9am.

When we arrived at the con we went to registration but there was a long line up (way longer the last year – which was a nice surprise) so we got in line because I couldn’t see who I was looking for and cutting in line just seemed wrong, comcon or not. But trued out we didn’t have to wait in line lone because no sooner had we gotten into line then the one I’d been looking for finds us and well off we go (get our badges and our shirts and headed off to con-op’ to start working on various things that needed doing on my part, while N went off to do what he needed to do).

Short while later N sent a text that we could now check into our hotel room, so I gave my notice and headed out to see if we could get our room or not, turned out we could get it and we did get it. We where on the second floor near street level – which wasn’t a bad thing to us at all. We got things unpacked in our room as much as we could and then got back to what we where doing down in the con space. Got a lot of what needed doing dun and where ready for Opening Ceremonies to start.

Before opening ceremonies started I hosted my first panel, entitled “Furry Speed Dating” had a poor turn out only 6 furs showed up, got a few commenting that more would have if it had been hosted on Saturday and I was like yes, but it got scheduled for friday for what ever reason – so had to take what was given (but there was interest for it to happen next year, so who knows). So instead of speed dating it turned into speed meeting and well those who where there at least got to meet each other and from what I do understand friends where made.

After that Opening Ceremonies video presentation took place ComCon was introduced and the rest of the event happenings took place, after it finished Norman and I went to go get dinner before having to get back on duty for gate. After we finished with gate, we headed back to our room for the night. Got on SL and started talking with one of our friends recalling the days happenings and getting things together for the following day.

Kantu and CC taken at FE2012 by FirestormSixSATURDAY
Saturday N and I actually slept in and didn’t get up till 10am ya we missed a few things in the morning but sleeping in for once was a nice change – that combined with a comfy bed well worked for us. We got down to the con after having breakfast in time for our shift to start, once it was over we headed up to our room to get into our fursuits because the parade was do to start within the hour.

Got into our suits and headed down to the headless lounge where N got issued his updated shirt to wear in the parade (one that would fit over his fursuit – since in suit he needs a 2X not his standard L or XL). Didn’t need to worry with me in my suit since my suit is skin tight my size doesn’t change when it comes to what I can or can’t put over it.

Sunday found N and I having to get up early because we had an early shift and because we had to get things packed because we also had to check out by noon and I had a panel to do at 11am till 1pm – so had to have everything ready to be checked out before the panel started.

Got up at like 7am, got things together that we’d not been able to get dun before going to bed – had breakfast and made our way down to pull our first shift. Into the second part of the shift N went off to get our stuff from the room and pack the car once he was dun with that he came back and I went to the desk to check out.

Got back and it was time to go in and do the panel – which we had to cut short because of other business that needed doing in regards to closing ceremonies. But the panel went very well, I didn’t do a lot of talking this time round, the audience actually did most of the talking, though Blind did some (more then he was planning on that is for sure). So it worked out rather well, we could well have filled the full two hours of the time allotment the way things where going.

After the panel went off to con-ops to get things started in regards to what was going to happen for closing ceremonies – had a few things happening while trying to get things dun for that that made the process a tad longer then it should have been but in the end it got dun, but in the process I missed helping N with his own panel “Canine Meet and Greet” for which I am sad because I was actually looking forwards to attending it.

After things got dun we had a short time to do a few things (take a run though the dealers den and pick up a few things that we’d had our eyes on and where within budget) before closing ceremonies where upon us. During closing everyone in attendance finally learned what was going to be happening with FE, that we where moving digs to another hotel for 2013 just up the street from where we where where we’d have our own private area where unless you are part of the con you can’t gain access to it (which will be a nice thing for various reasons – though I know there are those who enjoy public association). Everyone was also told how many had come to the con this year and how many suiters showed up for the fursuit parade, attendance was over 600 people with those in suit making up 160, compared to last year we had 50 more suiters show up and are hoping to have that grow next year.

After closing ceremonies N and I started our last shift of the con (only to learn at the end that we could have taken off early instead of sticking around like we though we had to – seems more ppl had been assigned shift then was really needed but we only found this out half way into the second part of the shift. Anyhow the end to FE2012 for us was not the quite and silent go night that we had though it would be there was some excitement near the end of it all excitement that we really didn’t need and excitement that was handled rather well by both FE staff and hotel staff, but its one of those things that can happen at any con.

After this N and I got the rest of things together and said our good nights and good byes and head off to get something to eat and get home – turned out at that time of night not much was open for food so ended up going to McD’s just to get something into our tummies (for the day we’d only managed to have breakfast and I’d nursed a can of Dr Pepper so I went almost 17 hours without food – not a good thing at all), this is a mistake that I am so NOT going to make again next year if I can well help it.

All in all FE2012 went very well and was most enjoyable – didn’t get to any panels and spent most of my time either at the front on duity or in con-ops working on things behind the scenes but what I did see going on around me was great and seeing that so many people where enjoying themselves pleased me greatly.

Many people put a lot of effort into making FE2012 what it was, many low sleep nights and other things went into making this con run as smooth as it did – a few things didn’t work as planned but that is the nature of things you try them they work or don’t and you learn and grow.

I am pleased to be part of the con itself and look forwards to helping it grow in the years to come.

take care everyone,
aka CC

Images by FireStormSix



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