Easter Monday

Easter Monday just another day for some and for other’s its a day when family, friends and what not get together to celebrate what they where not able to do so the day before for what ever reasons.

The day started out rather well in general, N and I slept in or rather N slept in I like has become normal got up around 10am and for the life of me really couldn’t get fully back to sleep so ended up getting up and doing a few things that needed doing.

I started getting the stuff together for what was to be a family gathering for Easter Monday since Brian had chosen to make it monday instead of sunday that the big meal would happen. For the meal I had to get out the cornish hens for Norman and I plus the 5 kg ham that we’d gotten last week while out and about specially for today’s event.

I’d already pulled them out and put them in the fridge yesterday so that would have time to thaw out a little (they had been put into the deep freeze to keep them till needed), so got them out and started prepping the oven for them. Why two different dishes? Simple I don’t like ham and Norman isn’t to found of it but will eat it if nothing else is there to eat (I’ll do the same but in many regards I rather avoid the side effects that I get from it) thus two different meats for a single meal.

Got them into their cooking containers and popped one into the oven (the hens first) at 375 for an hour to get them started then started cutting into the squash that Norman and I enjoy so much (we got a butternut squash this time round since the acorn squashes where so small and more useful for decoration then eating) and started hacking my way though it then prepping it to go into the microwave.

In the middle of prepping the squash dad is on the phone with mom’s doctor trying to make an appointment for her to come in as soon as possible, only to get the doc to come on the phone and say best to call the emts and get mom to the hospital asap. So that stopped a lot of the perp work as Dad, Norman and I got to work clearing things around the house so that the EMTs could get in and do what they’d need to do – once things where cleared enough dad made the call and Norman and I continued doing the rest of the hauling of things away from the entrances to our home to make way for the EMT equipment that we knew would be coming into the home plus other things that always seem to be part of the deal.

They fire department arrived first, like always since they are right at the bottom of the street, followed a few minutes later by the EMTs (who are stationed about 2 min away – about 12 blocks) they did what they needed to do with mom got her down stairs and out the the ambulance and with dad riding shot gun they headed for the hospital all the while I’m still watching the hens cook and switching them out to put in the ham.

Once they where off, norman came back into the kitchen and after having some breakfast I set him to work at peeling carrots and potatoes and chopping them up as well, while I went back to attacking the squash. During which I was making phone calls to the rest of the family about what had just happened and saying I’d keep them informed as to what was going on.

The meal wasn’t going to be as it had first been planed but it was going to be under way nun the less – because by now with the hens cooking and other prep work going on to have canceled it would not have worked very well. So getting on with what had been planned continued to degrees that it was already set to and planed for.

Once a lot of the pre work was dun I realized that I’d not gotten the buns and a few other items where missing that I’d planed on going out and getting but never got around to doing do to the happenings with mom, so I sent Norman out to get them for me. When he got back we got back to the cooking and what not – all told the cooking and pre took from about 11 am till 5 pm before it was all ready to be plated and served.

Brian and his brother arrived and Norman entertained them while I finished setting the table, pouring the drinks and plating the food. At which time dinner was called and we sat down and started to eat.

So all in all our Easter Monday dinner went off well, save dad and mom wasn’t there to enjoy it as we’d originally planned for it to happen and well dad did end up with some of it when he got home later he didn’t get to enjoy it to the same degree I don’t feel.

So a disapointing Easter weekend in general for Norman and I and the rest of our family and as it stands I’m not sure what we’re going to be doing next year, but we’ll cross that bridge as it arrises next year.



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