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French mother argues that having children ruins romance and relationships



Here are just 25 of Corinne Maier’s reasons not to have children (loosely translated from French by Antonia Zerbisias):

1. Childbirth is torture.

2. Parenting, the most fun ever – as if.

3. Commuting, work, brats – no thanks!

4. Hold onto your friends. Just try. Go ahead. I dare you.

5. Goo goo, ga, ga. Welcome to idiot-speak.

6. Children, the anti-aphrodisaic.

7. Kids, couple killers.

8. Just because everybody else is having babies doesn’t mean you have to.

9. You can’t afford kids anyway.

10. They’ll make you slaves to consumerism.

11. You’ll carry the burden you can never put down.

12. Your child is perfect? Don’t kid yourself.

13. Parenting above all else? Not on your life.

14. Fill your days with parenting experts and deplete your spirit.

15. If the family you were born into was dysfunctional, what makes you think you can do better?

16. Putting yourself first will get you condemned by society.

17. You may not be happy, but you will do everything you can to force your child to be.

18. Schools: prison camps with you as an accomplice.

19. To raise a child, but raise her for what?

20. Mush: this is your mind on motherhood.

21. Pass the Prozac and put on a happy face.

22. Motherhood: the black hole that traps women forever.

23. When children say “Hi,” Daddy goes “Bye.”

24. Suddenly, pedophiles and pornographers are lurking everywhere!

25. Every single rule of good parenting sucks.

FULL article at http://www.thestar.com/article/441338



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