Down to 247 and still going down…

Well hit the scale when I got home from Hospital and was down 8 pounds in 4 days … hit the scale this morning and am down another pound (am closer to being down 2 pounds actually).

Have tried on a few articles of clothing as well and talk about wow, am into a few articles of clothing that I’ve not gotten into since I was in grade 9 (some 12 years ago). And how they look on me, well lets say to me they look better on me now then they did back then. Also found a few articles of clothing which are now to big to even stay on never mind wear .. not something I thought I’d be seeing this soon tis for sure.

I am pleased that the weight is coming off, though am not so pleased that its dropping as it has been, but if I can keep it off till all to the good.

Take care,



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