Cabin 7 Gathering

Well it took several years, but finally we all managed to get together for lunch. It has been over 11 years since all of Cabin 7 from Camp Towhee, which is part of the Integra Foundtation.

It was interesting seeing everyone from camp who I haven't seem in many years, I have seen two people from camp over the years, but not everyone all at once since I was a young teen, which for me is a good 15 years now.

Seeing everyone, and how they have grown and what they have dun with their lives was interesting … though I will admit to feeling like a fifth wheel, as in once again I felt part of a group but not welcomed within the group.

Sighs, they all have aspirations of having children (becoming breeders), something I don't have because I can't have them (not less I adopt, or the bloke I end up calling my life mate already has one). Then there is the fact that they all are heterosexual, not a single bisexual of lesbian within the group. Three of them are in long term relationships of which one of them is preggers and married. The other two are single, but looking.

Yes they all seemed to be open about non-heterosexual, but like everything its just another thing we do not have in common (as in I'm not heterosexual what so ever), they are all christian for the most part, practicing or not, I once again was the only non-christian of the bunch (which i should be use to by now, but still keep searching for other pagans, in the groups of people i know outside of the pagan community).

They all where at the camp for various things, i was at the camp because of my lack of grey area seeing (as in things for me back then where black or white in how I saw things without the shades of grey which are necessary to life in most regards). Chuckles, I still have part of the black and white seeing in my life, though the shades of grey have grown over time and life experiences.

Oh well they all wish to get together at least once a year, which i do agree would be alright, I might not be 100% comfortable around them all, but then again to me they are all virtual strangers to me, and the lack of shared interests save one thing, just isn't much of a foundation in some areas for common friendship building.

But like everything in my life, time will tell what comes out of this if anything.

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