Cabin 7, Camp Towhee Reunion

Well today I meet with a group of women who I have not seen in some time. They said 11 years, but for me its been longer then that since I have been with them as a group closer to 15 years in reality.

It was good to see everyone again, chuckles we even all seem to have a Facebook account which is kind of cool, no idea if they have LJ or even MySpace accounts as yet, but will find out shortly I think.

A few of the girls are planning on going back to Towhee just to see how the camp has changed from when they where last there .. its changed to a degree, the cambins have been upgraded and two new ones added (i think less those where what replaced two .. i don’t remember, its been a few years since i was last at the camp looking around).

Well we’ve all said we with to see each other every year as possible, so time will tell if that happens or not.

take care everyone



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