Anita Blake Vampire Hunter (sighs)

Well I’ve gotten though finally all of the books I have in that series and now more then ever I want to get the next book (but at the moment its only out in hard cover and that out of my price range – besides the moment it comes in paperback i’d get it again).

Sighs looks like I’m three behind in the series, though from the look of the offical web site, two of the three are not yet published, but still knowing that they will be out there drives me nuts, since I know I will want to read then as soon as I can get my paws on them!

The book that I just finished was entitled Cerulean Sins, which was a very good book, a hell of a lot more BDSM in it then in previous written books of that series, and from the except in the back of the book, the next one in line Incubus Dreams, sounds like it will have a hell of a lot more as well, which is part of the reason I’m so freaking craving to get my paws on the next book, it sounds even better then Cerulean Sins.

According to the web site, Micah is being published February 2006 (hard cover i would assume), and Danse Macabre doesn’t have an official release date (though according to the except data its to be released July 2006), just an excerpt of the first three chapters of the book online at the moment, and what I read … well ouch! I new it could possibly happen, since hay she is female, but the fact that the possibilities have been introduced in the fashions its been was an interesting read, though I must say I do not like her best friend that much still, and what I just read, makes me like her even less.

Now I really want to get the book that’s not been published yet! .. Shakes head … Can you tell that I really like the series? You you believe that the first book of the series I got was Burnt Offering? Well it was, from there I went and got the one’s leading up to it (and paid a price that I was prepared to pay, but ack what a cost). I then worked my way up getting the ones after it as they came out in paper back, I never was willing to buy the hard cover versions mostly because of the price of hard covers, but also because I know that they will be out in paper back the year after they are released in hard cover, thus its cheaper to wait, though its hell seeing the hardcover in stores and not getting it, especially when the excerpts are so good to read and drive ya nutters, in a way that you can almost not wait to get the book to read it yourself!.

What I can say when I like a series I like a series, I can hardly wait for the new ones to be published, and though I know it will not likely be till 2007 that I’ll get to read them, it will be worth the wait (if I can’t convince my folks or friends to get me the hard covers as presents for a birthday or yule gift that is).

I am very tempted to actually write reviews for all of the books that I have in that series thus far, and post them here and on the site. I might get around to it, but at the moment I don’t have the words to use on how to go about it, since I so must to writing technical reviews on technical books, software and hardware reviews, writing a normal book review isn’t something I’ve dun since I graduated from high school, I didn’t even have to write a book review in university, so I hardly even remember how to write a novel review .. shakes head.

Another thought I was having today while I was reading the last book in the series that I have was my reaction to parts of the book, particularly the interactions between Jean- Claude, Asher and Anita where Asher is miffed with her, and in basic fact things are not going well between them.

One of my own reactions was rather shocking to me, mostly cause I have read that passage many times without that reaction or thought pattern happening. You see reading that particular passage, had me thinking she should get on her knees and beg for forgiveness of them, for doing wrong. And for a fraction of a second I felt myself there in that position and that was what I was doing, it really wearied me out to a degree since I’ve never had that reaction to reading any of those books, that was the first, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind, which in and of itself feels strange to me.

I have read that book three time before today (granted its the first time since I left my ex – but still I read it when i was with him, and it never brought that though or response to me then, just now, and I don’t understand why now of all times) and I never had an indication that I’d have such a reaction, yes I had areas lower down react, but hay what can I say some of that stuff I’ve experienced and like, and wish to experience again!

Well I guess you can guess that part of the appeal of the series is the BDSM aspect of things even if its not all that great at times, its something that does speak to me on a level, and makes me wish I could be in that book and be experiencing some of it first hand, and yes if that meant being a shifter, I could live with it (though I think I’d like to be a cat or wolf, likely a wolf but I don’t like Richard enough to wish to be a member of his pack, so likely a leopard (hay I could live with Anita and Micah as the leaders). Chuckles what can I say, I have a thing for Fur, that’s never been a secrete. Many who know me, know that I’m into fur.

After finishing Cerulean Sins, I have half a mind to go back to the start and start re-reading the series all over again. You see I can re-read a book several times, my current record is something like 80 times, and no I never get board of reading that book over and over again not if its well written and catches my attention, the same can do for a movie, though my record of watching a movie over and over again is something like 30 times or so.

I honestly don’t know what books to go after reading now, I could start at the beginning of my Star Trek: The Next Generation, as I have every single TNG novel ever published, as well as all of Voyager and DS9, but I just do not have enough interest to go though the series at this point in time, it does feel, hmmm I’ll figure out something to read.

Well that enough chatter about the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, take care everyone.

Hmm just did someone quiz on who would my mate be from the series, and guess who I got… chuckles, now if I could just read the image that goes with the quiz it might sound better, not to mention if they got a better image, yuck that image is no my deal of what he looks like, at least not to my minds eye he doesn’t.


Which Anita Blake Character Is Your Ideal Mate?
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Oh well that was an interesting quiz, if I find others I know I’ll take them, cause its interesting to see what ppl have to say in regards to the series and because I like taking quiz’s in general, which means incoming!!

Interesting quizzes on Anita Blake vampire hunter can be found at Laurell K. Hamilton Trivia, Quizzes, Quiz Questions, Fun Facts, info and more, I will say that I have taken a few of them, and well I’m averaging 99% which is pretty good, at least I think it is 🙂

well so much for more quiz’s my browser crashed, loaded to many. I’ll post more quiz results as time passes, I think its time to get some sleep actually as its getting on.

take care everyone.

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