Ontario Still to Ban Pit Bulls

Well I’m nun to pleased to find that the ban is still going ahead. Those who know me, know that I have had negative dealings with pit bulls, I’ve been attacked twice buy them in the past, once I got bitten and first time my dad got bitten, both times it was the owner who did nothing to keep their dog under control.

I do not see a reason for banning the breed, or making it an illegal breed to have. To me it is the owners who should be held 100% responsible for their pet, regardless of the breed.

In the latest article published by the star, entitled “Dog owners to contest pit bull ban in court” , it does appear that there is going to be a hell of a lot of people getting a suit against the government because of this ban. I for one do hope they win.

According to the star “As of Monday, it will be illegal for a pit bull to be imported into Ontario, although existing owners, who are allowed to keep their dogs on a restricted basis provided they’re sterilized and muzzled and leashed in public, will have 60 days to comply with the new law. Puppies that are born in Ontario before Nov. 27 will also be allowed to stay on a restricted basis, but dogs born after that date must be shipped out of the province, sent to a research facility or euthanize”

Now to be this is just not right, and I agree with the fight to turn back the ban on these critters. To me the main reason I do not feel it is right, is because to me this means what breed will be next on the hit list? The German Shepherd? The Doberman? The Rottwiller? what breed is safe from being banned? All dogs will bit if given enough provocation, and some dogs will bite out of fear. Banning a breed because its history is spotty, and because there are those who get the breed as a fighter is not a good enough reason to get it banned, at least in my opinion its not (and I can say that I have been injured by the breed, but that doesn’t mean I hold harm against it – just the owners who do not keep control over their animals).

Well I know I will be watching the news to see what happens with this ban.

take care everyone,



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