Weight Going Down

Weight LossWell each start of a new year I aim to louse as close to 20 pounds as I’m able to do it, some years I make the goal and other’s I don’t even come close and still other’s I louse at least something without gaining anymore back then which I lost (which is always a good thing).

Well this year was much like last year, I lost weight after first gaining back a few pounds (gained back 10 pounds of what I’d lost last year) so in reality I’m really only 10 pounds down for all that I have lost 20 pounds this year, since I had to louse those 10 pounds from a previous year so to speak.

I’ve started trying to use SparkPeople and WebMD to track what I am eating and my workouts, but ya its not been easy to do that when I keep forgetting to log into either site for days or weeks on end or for that matter a good month or two around the summer months. When I do log in and input the food from the days I remember what I was eating and the amounts plus input the workouts and everything I’m seeing what I already know that I am NOT eating enough over all food.

Most days I’m not even hitting 1200 calories, while what I am eating for the most part is good healthy food calorie wise its not there, some days I’m lucky to get in 500 calories for the day (and i’m not hungry) other days like today I’m close to 1,000 calories for the day but the 200 that I burned from the workout mean that I’m still a good 500 calories away from even hitting the 1,000 mark and its almost 2am and I really do NOT feel like eating (less its some pop corn and even then, I’d only be doing it because I feel I need to put food into me and not because I’m hungry).

This has been a real trend for the whole entire year – big time since I’ve started to learn about my body more and what I can and can’t tolerate, having issues with Gluten is becoming an issue (enough so that I avoid eating out if at all possible less I know I can get something to eat that will not trigger an issue) and dairy is another issue that has forced me to limit what I eat when out and about. When it comes to working outside of the home, I’ve been sticking to Carrots, Grapes, Cucumber, Celery, Snow Peas, Hummus and basic chicken (if that). In short I’ve been making sure what I have away from home has no gluten, no dairy and as little soy as I can get away with plus has no nuts (which for the most part is a school policy).

My glucose has been all over the place and I do blame the learning what I can and can’t eat to part of the cause, though my endocrinologist isn’t on board with any of it. he just doesn’t seem to listen or understand – and no thoughts about getting other help from a dietician since I’ve already seen one (which started me on this boat to start with).

Oh well I know the limited eating hasn’t helped the weight loss because I know not getting enough calories means my body holds on to what I has because it thinks that it needs to do so and so makes getting the weight off that much harder to do in general, ad in the PCOS and menopause and you have a recipe for slow to no weight loss.

But the weight is shifting and coming off, so that is at least the up side of it all. I’m fitting into things that I’ve not gotten into in years and some clothing that I’ve gotten is now falling off of me because its now to large for me (which is a strange feeling) even a jacket that I got when I completed University no longer fits me as it once it, its now baggy looking on me.

Well take care everyone, post as time does allow for it.



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