Things are Opening Up!

Well I know that we are now in Phase 3 of the reopening or is it 4 (I’ve lost count to tell the truth)? I honestly don’t know and part of me doesn’t really care since it still doesn’t feel like it is actually safe to go out there among larger crowds of people, not with this new Delta Variant thats now been discovered.

Yes I am fully vaccinated, both N and I have gotten our two shots (same drug both times – we didn’t mix as I was to worried about my reactions to the stuff to even allow that to happen, so made sure when booking). Turns out my idea to make sure it was the same might well have another good reason, since it seems that some of the US companies are saying that unless you have a single vaccine you are not covered, as in you can’t have two different vaccinations and be considered to be fully vaccinated unlike what Health Canada is saying is the case, many US companies and other counties are saying that isn’t the case (and WHO seems to be backing them).

Actually went out to get blood-work done because I have my appointment end of the month, so needed to have my a1c done before seeing him – sighs I am praying that my numbers are lower then when I last saw him – sadly when I checked my results in the system I’m where I was 5 years ago for my number, which ticks me off since the only new thing that has happened to me is getting the COVID vaccination! Eating habits, what I eat, etc hasn’t really changed over the past two years and my numbers have been on the downwards trend, until the shot that is.

My Endo is so NOT going to be happy with me, I’m not happy with me. Even knowing I haven’t done anything different between my last test and this one (aka no eating habit change, food habit change or the like – the only different factor is the shot).

Well I will just have to see what he says when I see him and prey that he has answers as to what I can do to get things back on track, cause even my diabetic team outside of his control is stumped at what is going on, and we’ve just been increasing my insulin with meals to a minimum of 50 units with a meal regardless of the amount of carbs the meal has my base to take is 50 units and then to add an addition unit of insulin per 2 grams of carbs. Again sometimes this does work, other times it doesn’t seem to work at all.



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